** Those clothes we made with Arpenteur are available now - take a look **

NN07 is yet another really, really good clothing company from Copenhagen. This lot follow that fine Scandinavian tradition of making classy, subtle and highly wearable garb, and use some mighty fine fabrics in the process. 

They also have a serious appreciation for detail, stating, “We can’t help ourselves by being nerds when it comes to fabrics, details, and quality. Sometimes we have a two-hour discussion about a button”.

You only have to glance at the stuff to see how splendous it is: hefty, sleek wooly jumpers, luxurious overshirts, a Nouvelle Vague-esque jacket and some cords that'd be more than suitable for either hiking or yoga.

Fancy fabrics, insane attention to detail, clothes that are snazzier than a cat in pyjamas: NN07 has it all.