As if regular Fjällräven wasn’t good enough, Fjällräven Numbers is the premium, no-holds-barred range from the Swedish wilderness specialists that focusses on the ultimate in outdoor garb. Developed with the help of rugged outdoorsmen, fishermen and the indigenous people of the arctic, the Fjällräven Numbers range is designed to withstand the harsh conditions of the Arctic Circle whilst also being environmentally sustainable. Whereas things like bust zips can sometimes be a right nightmare to replace, the details in the Fjällräven Numbers range have been designed so that if you’ve got a little wherewithal, it can be sorted relatively stress free.

Another key thing is the fabric — whilst there’s been a trend for lightweight outdoor gear in recent years, Fjällräven Numbers uses heavier, tougher fabric, as product consultant and ex-military equipment tester Johan Skullman explains — “I don’t mind my clothing being a little heavier when I know that I can rely on it. My experience from my life in the military is that lightweight clothing often breaks or rips, usually in demanding conditions when you need it most.”

Chances are you’re not going to be wrestling trolls in the Arctic Circle anytime soon, but well-designed, long-lasting clothes should sit high on everyone’s priority list, and things like the near-enough chainmail knitting on Cardigan No.3 or the trademark G-1000 wax coating on Anorak No.8 mean these sturdy numbers will last a fair few lifetimes.

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