Oi Polloi

Top Ten Things of 2020

Published: Tue Dec 29 2020

The end is nigh — the 365 days known collectively as 2020 will soon be a memory, yet remembered for a long time to come. But before the book closes on this eventful chapter, we thought we’d present you with a list of things that we thought were alright in 2020.

10 - The adidas Manchester 89 SPZL

In at ten we've got the adidas Manchester 89 SPZL. Trefoil fans rejoiced, but is today’s appetite for old German trainers leading us to an age where there’ll be no more trainers left to reissue? A sobering thought as we go into the new year.

9 - Berghaus

This probably applies every year… but there’s been some cracking outdoor stuff around recently. Whilst fads and fashions will wash away like tears in the rain, it was the classic stylings of the Berghaus Pole 87 Jacket and the Berghaus Tempest 89 Jacket that were truly the cream of the crop.

8 - Cardigans

You don’t have to be a homely, neighbourly Mr. Rogers-type to appreciate a good V-neck cardigan. This year we've seen some exemplary efforts from Uniform BridgeSéfr, Stone Island, NN07, Beams Plus and more.

Many years from now alien archaeologists seeking knowledge on the human race will remember 2020 as a high point in the Cardigan Age.

7 - That C.P. Company Jacket

Words cannot describe this jacket, just look at it.

 6 - Story Mfg.

Clocking in at number six we have Story Mfg. Combining a love of vintage outdoor gear with a penchant for psychedelic imagery and a hefty helping of natural dyes (like bark and jackfruit, to name just a few), this lot somehow manage to make clothing that looks both familiar and futuristic at the same time. It sent the OP goon squad into overdrive as we all clamoured to declare how in love we were with these inanimate items of clothing.

We had a chat with Saeed Al-Rubeyi, one half of Story Mfg. earlier this year, you can find that here.

5 - That Beams Plus Parka 

Whilst trend forecasters and clothes-wear analysts get paid small fortunes to figure out what people want to cover their bodies with, you don’t have to be Nostradamus to know that the only thing people really care about is mint jackets.

There’s plenty to get giddy over here but what about that hue? The Pantone adjudicators in the audience should be positively slack-jawed. Beams Plus, we salute you.

4 - Sandals

We've all had to spend a lot of time indoors this year so it's no wonder that sandals make our list. It's been a landmark year for them at Oi Polloi with old favourites Birkenstock, forward-thinking offerings from Keen and the introduction of an instant Oi Polloi classic — Chaco.

Bonus points if paired with some Anonymous Ism socks for the ultimate in acid-rambling attire.

3 - Taion

Never in our many years have we encountered a brand that adores down as much as Taion and for those wondering, Taion means ‘body temperature’ in Japanese. Very apt.

2 - Oi Polloi footwear

It seems like ages ago that we released the shoe we made with Superga, but it wasn’t. In fact it was only months ago. Isn’t time strange? Taking inspiration from Mediterranean beach footwear and vintage fencing trainers, we still reckon they might just be the ultimate summer sea-side shoe.

But there's more, we also released a shoe we made with Oi Polloi veteran Mephisto. OP stalwarts might remember we teased these puppies all the way back in the AW18 edition of Pica~Post. Perhaps we were being a bit too eager there, we spent the better part of two years tweaking and perfecting them and we think we can all agree they were worth the wait.

1 - Oi Polloi knitwear

Alright, we know we've given ourselves the number 2 and the number 1 spot. We’re probably a bit biased and all that but it’s our list and we can do what we want with it.

From our super-shaggy mohair cardigans made with the Scottish knitwear maestros at Lyle & Scott to our very own made in England Aran Jumpers, we’re now standing at the summit of sophisticated sportswear, and it's never been cosier.