Oi Polloi

The Four Week Forecast: March

Published: Fri Mar 03 2017

Hot on the heels of last month’s forecast thing… here’s a very rough idea of what we should be getting in March.

First things first, that extra-special adidas Spezial stuff is heading our way this month.

We could go into great detail here about every trainer and jacket we’re getting, but head-honcho Gary Aspden has enlisted a large man named Vladimir to loom menacingly over us as we type this, so we’re going to keep schtum until we get the all clear. So until then, here’s an artist’s interpretation of what it might look like…

…or perhaps not. In other footwear news loads of Birkenstocks have been sighted on the horizon, and Vans are making their return to Oi Polloi. To whet your appetite a bit, there’s an interview here with a pretty serious Vans collector we did a couple of weeks back.

Afraid to say we’re not getting these beauties in though…

We’ve also been working with Universal Works on a few Oi Polloi versions of some of their classic shapes. Imagine the sort of stuff someone who worked in the underground base of a James Bond baddy might wear whilst zipping around via monorail and you might be just about on the right track. 

Loads of multi-colour sweatwear from Champion is also on the way. Ultra-pastel Best Company vibes here. That picture at the top tells you everything you need to know. 

What else? Well, that Older Brother stuff that we mentioned in last month’s one of these is still incoming. Hang in there, it will be here sometime this century and it will indeed be ace, spectacular and everything else.

There’s probably loads more too, but it’s Friday afternoon and our brains are not functioning to their full capacity. Thanks for taking the time to reading this nonsense — sign up to our newsletters to see when this stuff lands up.