** We made some clothes with Universal Works — take a look **

If beanz meanz Heinz, and jeans means Levi’s, then sweatshirts can surely only mean one thing — Champion. Founded in 1919 by a pair of sweat-wear loving brothers in Rochester, New York, Champion really hit the big leagues in 1952 when they came up with what they like to call Reverse Weave Technology. Whereas most sweatshirts are woven vertically, Champion’s sweats are woven horizontally, putting a stop to that annoying post-wash shrinkage and meaning they keep their shape a lot longer.

Due to some licensing mumbo jumbo that we don’t really understand, it’s been nigh-on impossible to get hold of proper Champion Reverse Weave stuff in the UK for a good while. Luckily everything is now right in the world, and we’re pleased to say you can now get a genuine slice of Champion without spending half your life trawling vintage shops, or half your money on a plane ticket to Japan.