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The Blog from Oi Polloi presents:

Here’s a new thing we’re going to try and do relatively regularly — an informative article about what we’re getting in the next month.

Will this be a long running thing? Or will we do one or two then forget about it? Only time will tell. Until then, here’s what we’re getting in the month of February…

Perhaps most interestingly, a few new names are making their way onto the rails. First, there’s Adsum. Sort of like A Kind of Guise crossed with 6876, but from New York — luxury leisure-wear of the highest order. Heres a few of their jackets...

We’re also getting a new one called Presidents. Nothing political here… just well-made stuff from the boot-shaped peninsula known as Italy. This lot make what Steve reckons is the ultimate travel-suit. A bold claim, but it does look pretty good. 

And then there’s something called Older Brother. Fancy dying techniques (a bit like Tender), but with an American slant. They’ve got a really good logo too.

In trainer news, we got the return of the Nike Air Icarus and some more of those adidas NMD things. Keep an eye out for the launch dates and all that malarkey on our various social media tendrils. 

Our first delivery of the year from French work-wear ultra-lords Arpenteur is set to land very soon. Not exactly sure what we’ll be getting yet, but there’ll probably be smocks, cotton and general ‘friendly carpenter in a picturesque Brittany village’ clobber.

We’ve also been working on something with Universal Works which should be landing at some point relatively soon. And there’s some decent stuff from Levi’s too that we aren’t allowed to talk about... so we won't. 

What else? Probably loads. Keep an eye on our newsletter to see when this stuff lands up.

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The people say...

  • Neil Summers

    ADSUM is top drawer

  • markEsmythe

    Those first 2 jackets-(Adsum)- look dope !

  • Jack

    Je suis unfriendly carpenter in a north east town.

    Nice feature lads, like it.

  • Ruel Fox

    Quality feature, keep it up please. President’s looking fresh.

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