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The adidas Newton Heath

Published: Mon Dec 03 2018

The adidas Newton Heath is the latest in adidas’s ongoing collaboration with Manchester United, inspired by the team’s early days as Newton Heath LYR Football Club back in the ‘railway team’ era of the late 19th century.

History aside, they’re green, they’ve got stripes on them and they go on sale in our Manchester shop at 09:00 on Friday the 7th of December. As these are pretty limited, there will be no online release. 

Until then, here’s a video and some photos we sorted for adidas. Cheers to The Rig Out for their fine work in the video realm.

Please note: Contrary to how it might look here, OP HQ has a fairly wide spread when it comes to football teams (there’s even an Everton fan in our ranks) – we just like nice trainers. Now here's the photos... 

The adidas Newton Heath trainers are available from our Manchester shop at 09:00 on Friday the 7th of December.

For those wondering, the jackets were from Y.M.C., Holubar, A Vontade and Traditional Weatherwear, and the trousers were from Arpenteur and Gramicci