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Staff Sale Picks

Published: Fri Jul 01 2016

As you’re probably aware, we’re in the midst of what’s known in the retail world as ‘SALE’. We’ve been going on about it for a while now, but there’s still plenty of gems hiding in there. To illustrate this point, we wandered around our Manchester outpost to find out what people round here have got their eye on.

Up top we’ve got long-locked Lothario Richard and a Patagonia bucket hat. Here’s what he had to say, “Since I’ve started balding, I’ve been wearing many hats, but no hat has ever come close to the versatility and practicality of this hat gifted to us by Mr Patagonia himself.”

Very true.

Wise owl Steve Sanderson opted for the crisp white canvas of the Converse Jack Purcell. Tell us why oh almighty wise one…

"One of the most comfortable canvas pumps. They're a little bit wider on the toe than most. It might be about time for me to get some new ones.”

Papa Smurf himself, Nigel was drawn to this Beams Plus jacket. Here's why...

"It’s like the old Lee zip-up denim jackets that are highly collectable in Japan. I wish they had my size ‘cos I would have been all over it."

Sockless wonder Sebastian went for some Engineered Garments shorts. His reason?

“I’ve got the green versions of these. I’ve had them for two years. They’ve got belt loops AND a drawstring for extra waist security.”

Adam opted for the functional fun of a Battenwear bag.

“It’s Battenwear… it was made in the USA… I don’t know. I didn’t realise I was going to get put on the spot, I was just heading out to get a chicken dinner.”

Here we’ve got designer and occasional happy-go-lucky staircase dweller Stuart and a pair of Anonymous Ism socks. But why?

“They’re a tasty looking sock… I’d eat them.”

Fair enough.

Dog walker extraordinaire Mai picked out a pair of Nike Cortez. Oh Mai, please tell us why!

“I like grey.”

Proud father Josh grabbed this Beams Plus safari jacket in joy. Give us a caption will you Josh?

“I’ll think of something – I’ll come back to you.”

We’re still waiting...

Glossop’s very own Dennis Wilson, Tom, decided on the denim-based beauty of this A.P.C. shirt. When pressed for a comment, he mustered this cryptic outburst…

“If only it was German like my dog.”

Before relocating to South Africa in search of fame and fortune, old soul Alex left us with these heartfelt parting words regarding this blue Howlin' t-shirt.

"I bought one of these myself. It's good because when you wear it you can pretend you're on the beach with a towel around you. And it matches my cookie jar."

And last but not least, Rory clasped these Levi’s Vintage Clothing jeans. Why?

“Trousers… jeans… I love all that.”

So there you go, some people and some clothes.

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