Founded in 1999 by a vintage-clothing-hoarder known as Daiki Suzuki, Engineered Garments takes its name from a pattern maker’s comment that these clothes were more engineered than designed. Usually we’d say that making a jacket or a pair of shorts was nowhere near as difficult as building a suspension bridge across the Humber estuary, but take a look at one of Daiki’s designs and you can see where they were coming from.

Taking cues from his extensive archive of sportswear, workwear and highly-functional military garb, each piece from Engineered Garments has more details than you’d ever notice. The dress shirts have single needle stitching for a smoother shape, the t-shirts have cross collars to avoid stretching and the jackets have loads of pockets for whatever it is that people put in pockets. 

All this has made Engineered Garments nothing short of a certified staff favourite, and it’s never a bad day at OP HQ when a box of the good stuff arrives from New York.