Oi Polloi

Dispatches From Paris

Published: Fri Jul 07 2017

It’s that time of year again where Steve and Nige drag me around Paris to carry their gear so that they don’t have to. 

I also take notes on all the stuff they think is good, so we can buy it all from the brands, so that you can buy it all off us. We can safely say there’s some really buyable stuff next spring and summer; pastel OrSlow anyone? Fancy some multi-coloured stripes from Arpenteur? Everything Adsum! But hey, there’s an autumn and a winter to get through first, so let’s not talk about that too much…

Our Legacy put a lovely little soiree on in the garden of the Swedish Institute, and the MAN trade show threw a big party on a posh boat on the Seine.

There were all sorts of fashion types wandering around, but we mostly concerned ourselves with what kebab to get, or what cars looked decent in the heatwave…