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orSlow is the work of a compulsive clothes hoarder by the name of Ichiro Nakutsu. After a run in with a particularly well-made pair of denim overalls his mum gave him 35 years ago, Ichiro’s life was never the same again, and he set out on the hunt for the best old workwear bits he could find. Not content with having one of the best collections of gear going, in 2005 he started orSlow. It may sound dangerously similar to the name of the vest-clad slob from Keeping Up Appearances, but orSlow actually gets its name from the idea that clothes should be designed slowly with a focus on longevity, as opposed to being churned out as fast as possible.

All that dilly-dallying isn’t for nothing though — made in Japan on old fangled shuttle machines, there’s a certain ‘genuine’ quality to orSlow’s output that a lot of flash in the pan outfits seem to miss. It’s probably down to Ichiro’s absolute obsession with clothes — as he says himself, “I have nothing to do if you take making clothes away from me.”