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It’s that time of year again where Steve and Nige drag me around Paris to carry their gear so that they don’t have to. 

I also take notes on all the stuff they think is good, so we can buy it all from the brands, so that you can buy it all off us. We can safely say there’s some really buyable stuff next spring and summer; pastel OrSlow anyone? Fancy some multi-coloured stripes from Arpenteur? Everything Adsum! But hey, there’s an autumn and a winter to get through first, so let’s not talk about that too much…

Our Legacy put a lovely little soiree on in the garden of the Swedish Institute, and the MAN trade show threw a big party on a posh boat on the Seine.

There were all sorts of fashion types wandering around, but we mostly concerned ourselves with what kebab to get, or what cars looked decent in the heatwave…

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The people say...

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  • Jimmy Mac

    They look like Ray-Ban Caravans to me


  • ICe CReam VEndor

    Nige’s glasses aren’t Randolph Engineering. They’ve not got the moulded plastic over the arms. As rocked by Robert Duvall in Apocalypse now.

  • George Francis and Chaos II from Robot Wars

    Paris: the city of light. The city where even the smatterings of small dog stools on cold grey pavement have a certain “va va voom”. Rain. Sunshine. Wind. Paris has weather, yes, but it is weather unlike no other. When I was a child I genuinely believed that the Blackpool Tower was in fact the Eiffel Tower, and vice versa. This was because I saw a Citroen 2cv parked near the tower ballroom. Was Aznavour performing that night? Had Jane Birkin popped up for a brief holiday? This WAS Paris. Until I saw a pair of rugged looking seagulls feasting on a pile of sick by some bin bags. It was then I realised that I was not in Paris and that I really was in Blackpool. The disappointment hit me so hard, even more so when I realised that Duncan Norvelle was headlining at the theatre. France. French. Une kilo de pomme. Eclair cartoon magazines. Monsieur myope. Boris et Serge. Moving forward to the present day, it gave me great enjoyment seeing these pics and reading this report. The French are formidable at creating designs for the modern man. Keep up the good work oi polloi and long may it continue.

  • American Cheese

    ‘What XXXX has XXXX got on?’ It’s always the same.

    They don’t look like Ray Ban’s. I think they’re Randolph Engineering aviators as worn by the US military and Don Draper.

  • Bobbie H

    What Raybans has Nige got on in the pics (silver and black)

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