Oi Polloi

Deck~Out~And~About: Do Look Now

Published: Fri Oct 27 2017

With Halloween just round the corner, we thought we‘d head down to our nearest miscellaneous woodland zone for a bit of a lark about.

Our vision for this was Don't Look Now with a hint of The Blair Witch Project — set in Salford — swapping supernatural shenanigans for fancy fabrics, and switching creepy stick-figures for those little zip-lock plastic bags with alien heads on them. 

Much to our dismay, no paranormal activity took place while we were shooting. We did have a can of Special Brew lobbed at us though.

Ladi wore a Battenwear cap, a Howlin’ roll neck, a Champion t-shirt, some Lee cords, some Anonymous Ism socks and a pair of Mephisto Rainbows

Ebo was wearing an Ark Air smock, a Good Measure sweat, a Battenwear long sleeve tee, cords courtesy of The Cords & Co, a Millican rucksack, some Wigwam socks and a pair of Danner boots.   

Cinematography by the controversial Italian visionary Adamo Hindmarzzo. Special effects from the Liam Daly Nightmare Factory™.