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The story of Danner boots begins in the picturesque sounding city of Chippewa Falls in 1932, when shoe salesman Charles Danner was laid off from his job and was struggling to support his family.

After a footwear premonition, Charles bought a defunct shoe factory and set to work on Danner. Solid, sturdy, stout, robust, resilient, hard-wearing, hardy, hearty — call ‘em what you will, they were selling like hotcakes and Danner were soon the go-to brand for boots made for working. By the seventies Danner had set a boot-clad foot into the world of hiking footwear. As a hiker himself, Bill Danner (son of Charles) was after a pair of boots that would stay dry in the damp pacific-northwest. The resulting boots were an instant success and the rest is rose-tinted, footwear based history.

Using Vibram soles and Gore-Tex liners, these boots are some of the most comfortable we’ve had the pleasure of putting our feet in, and thanks to the easily replaceable soles, they’re set to last a lifetime.