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If you’ve got a spare couple of minutes, this BBC interview with Shawn Stussy is certainly worth a watch.

The interview chronicles how Stüssy morphed from a car-boot-based operation, into one of the most influential ‘street-wear’ brands of all time, loved by everyone from bong-ripping surfer boys, to hard-as-nails hip hop crews.

Even if you’re not fussed about the story, it’s worth casting your eyes over simply to catch Goldie's cameo, as well as having a ganders at some mint, time-tested clobber.

If you want to grab some Stüssy of your own, click here.

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The people say...

  • Andrew

    Stüssy, in the early days, was ‘progressive casualwear’ but now, it has become tarnished the by uncreative bandwagon lines, outsized Ts and hoodies that appeals to the middle aged. What I find, desperately sad is the remaining credibility of Stüssy has been milked dry by corporate horrors such JD sports. In an attempt, to keep up with these corporate horrors, the appeal of simple well made product from the early days has gone….

    A bit of a strong opinion, me thinks – so i’m off for a brew and chocolate biscuit.

  • Henry Kinkle

    Manners cost nothing

  • Brian Jacks

    You’re mistaken and so is the author in his text before the piece which points out that it’s Goldie. It’s actually former QPR and Millwall centre half Danny Shittu.

  • John Hay

    Am I mistaken or is that drum & bass legend Goldie in his youthful pomp about one and a half minutes in

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