Oi Polloi

The Superga 2390 Returns

Published: Fri May 03 2019

The Superga 2390 is pretty much the perfect summer pump. Sleek Italian style, with the added military robustness of a toe cap - and now available in some particularly tasty pastel flavours - ideal holiday footwear if ever we saw it. Here's what OP boss-man Steve has to say about them.

“I’d been waiting for this model to be re-upped into the range for a very long time. It’s now fast becoming a firm favourite here at OP… it’s an amazing shaped shoe and the build quality embarrasses more expensive Japanese imports.

There’s a new classic just about to take a seat next to the Converse Chuck Taylor and the Vans Authentic… there’s a new old kid back on the block…” 

These things are available right this minute, so to give you a bit of an aperitif, here’s a video and some photos shot in the Italian town of Ivrea.

Known to some as the ‘Industrial City of the 20th Century’, this place was home to typewriter maestros Olivetti, who employed some forward-thinking architects to turn the place into a fully thought-out industrial metropolis. Anyway, seeing as Superga pumps are another masterpiece of 20th century Italian design, we thought it fit quite nicely. Cheers to Eddy at The Modernist for the tip-off.