Oi Polloi

The Four Week Forecast: September

Published: Fri Aug 31 2018

Here you go then… a quick run-down of what’s on the way this month. Trainers… anoraks… Japanese future-wear… it’s shaping up to be a good ‘un. 

First thing’s first, Gary Aspden a.k.a. Dr. Trefoil has been conjuring up yet more three-striped delights as part of that adidas Spezial thing he does oh so well. Expect a load of classy trainers, a few big coats and a particularly potent pair of brown leather leisure shoes. See some more photos of that stuff here.

Meanwhile, in anorak news, Engineered Garments are gunning for the highly coveted ‘Smock of the Year’ award with these stone cold stunners. In a world increasingly smothered by technical jiggery-pokery, it’s good to see Daiki still putting a bit of trusty chambray and some humble flannel to good use.

On a similar tip, this new 60/40 down jacket from Battenwear is pretty stupendous. If you’re after an ultimate, no holds barred winter coat, this might just be the one.

On a completely unrelated subject, we’ve worked with Superga on an ‘Autumnal reimagining’ version of their recently revived military action plimsoll, the 2390. More news in the next couple of weeks, but until then, here’s a pretty vague photograph of an insole…

And then there’s And Wander. This is a new one to Oi Polloi that sits somewhere between Snow Peak and… er… we’re not really sure.

Basically, it’s really, really futuristic Japanese outdoor wear. If there’s mountains on Mars, this is presumably the stuff you’d wear to climb ‘em. They make some good mugs too.

Oh yeah, and the new NN07 stuff isn’t bad either. There’s too much here for us to waffle on about, so to save you the mither, just look at this picture and dream of all the wonderful things you could accomplish in those mighty fine garments…