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Spezial season is upon us once again. Continuing with the late 80s, Blackburn warehouse rave flavour served up by Gary Aspden and co earlier this year, this time we’ve got some big coats, a tracksuit, the return of the München Super, a new one called the Lowertree, and a brown leather leisure beauty called the Punstock.

The first batch of adidas Spezial stuff goes online at 00:01 on Friday the 7th of September (BST), but until then, here’s some photos we took during a scour of the local record shops…

The first load of adidas Spezial stuff goes online at 00:01 on Friday the 7th of September. Bookmark this page here

Thanks to Empire Exchange, Piccadilly Records, Vinyl Exchange and the wondrously titled Vinyl Resting Place for letting us stand about and take pictures in their fine establishments.

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The people say...

  • Jimmy Leeds

    I like the bit of the video where the lad is arranging the rave. “SWEET” and waddles off in true Manc waddleness. Funny as. RAVE ON

  • Jimbob87

    Is it me or is this range just a cynical money spinner designed in a marketing meeting and over charging for product not worth the retail utilising a slightly overblown youth movement for ‘inspiration’ in a bid to seperate divvy posh kids from their parents cash and who are too young to know better and want to pretend they bad man from the manor lol. I’m probs wrong and maybe this is a real and creative endeavour but im a cynical and that’s how it feels. RE the shoot: just looks like two lads from my estate in Hull, most of whom don’t have any pretensions to leading a youth movement. They just like wearing Adidas and tight ass Levi’s. I remember when oipolloi would never have touched this kind of ‘limited release’ tosh, but that’s the market place I guess. Gotta sell your soul to get a bit of dollar these days it seems.

  • Mr Twatty Hilton

    Same old but only in my opinion , very much like any of the Spezial releases weakly linked to acid house , the last of the great youth cults – a drug(s), a fashion a attitude , a music

  • Workers Soviet

    This is how it starts, those who express an opposite opinion must be shouted down, then mocked and then isolated. We are talking about a clothing range aren’t we??

  • Ray

    Sorry. You are right. You are always right. Right on. Keep right and keep following x


    Some amount of slapped arses on here. Get a grip. Super release. Fcuk the begrudgers.

  • NME

    Surprised that adidas saw out another collection. All a bit similar now. New Mallison cw looks good. If Gary feels the need to name check every part of Blackburn and it’s suburbs and adidas are content with that then more power to him. As a novocastrian I would love see a pair of adidas fenham or gallowgate but it’s never going to happen. Beanie sold out first…what does that say.

  • John

    Wtf is this clown Ray waffling on about below,of course it was about the music,the drugs and the fashion were a by product of the music,it was a scene and a movement within british culture that exploded like the rock n roll,punk,ska,hip hop etc and various other musical scenes through the decades..There is no obsession with Blackburn,are the trainers called Adidas Blackburn Spezial,have a word and quit moaning.

  • Ray

    Some nice bits, but acid house was ok, the music wasn’t great, it really was all about the drugs. What is the obsession with Blackburn? That video is hilarious, you guys at Adidas should move on and show some respect to rest of country. No wonder it all ends up in the sale. Acccieed!?!?!?! Terrible the first time round.

  • Dave the Rave

    Adidas are inflating prices on everything, I remember when Spezial trainers were £40-£45 10 years ago

  • Simon

    Some nice pieces , great photo shoot , shame the Munchen’s don’t have lettering on the side , it’s overpriced imo …

  • Nigel Gilmartin Dj Gilly

    As being one of the original djs at crackers and then settend when it all started the settend tshirt is class love the punstock and the brown mallisons that’s what il be goin for quailty editions to an iconic spezial drop dj gilly

  • Spaziel

    that’s because the laces are 12ft too long :)

  • Scuttler

    WTF….A lesson in how to make decent trainers look snide……pull the laces as tight as possible and make sure the loops are large enough to strangle a passing Cat…sack the photographer

  • Brendan Cahalane

    Looking forward to the MOD TREFOIL SWEATSHIRT A/W. not mad on the pink version S/S 18.

  • Keith Fallon

    Always a few good bits and bobs in the SPZL range. Looking forward to the wilsly Mallinson and Punstock

  • Henry Kricle Cut Crisps

    Don’t understand the hate on spzl. It’s not for everyone especially when you get to a certain age. I nicked my first pair in Munich in 85

  • Yawn.

    More overpriced,badly made trotters.

  • Mike Ashely

    I’d love to stock the Spzl range in my shops they quality looks amazing and would look great next the racks of Slazenger and Dunlop’s. Gary better gives us some good discount.

  • The man with one red shoe

    Can you please tell me what jeans the model is wearing?

  • Conrad Silver

    As usual with the Spezial range. There are bits you do like and some you don’t. Gary has brought us some classic Adidas over the last few years.
    To the Regiment. I Wish I Was There.

  • Chris Coates

    Hope the quality is better with no glue marks on suede this time.
    CP company x adidas was also shockingly badly made. High price people expect high quality which isn’t always there

  • Shaun Nisbet

    Gary why is the fixing so different on the Munchen and why have prices jumped so much since March we work hard to buy your product yet in March 4 weeks was the firs time I seen it getting discounted (titolo)will runs be made smaller for less stuff hitting sales cost all your fans a fortune if we had waited 2months we’d have saved a fortune felt like your in Ibiza having a laugh at us mere consumers of your products since season 1

  • The Skipjack Tuna Specialist

    I always feel a bit weird when wearing trainers now. Maybe I’m getting old but some of this stuff really doesn’t do it for me.

  • Nothingtodowithraves

    A collection with so much potential but just looks like a jumble sale. The puffa jacket is the only vaguely similar representation of the rave era here. As for the rest of it, there was no rave fashion back then, it was street fashion worn at a rave. So this is quite frankly a ridiculous basis for a range. Microdots, blotters & doves were the only fashion and we didn’t care for clothes during those golden years. This seems desperate, I wonder is Spezial isn’t so special anymore.

  • peter smith

    Can you get the spzl range at sportsdirect …you Having a laugh mate Sports Direct shouldn’t be in the same Breath !!!

  • Robb Ashton

    I moved to the Blackburn area from Rochdale at the height of the raves, this collection brings back some cracking memories. The colour ways are spot on.

  • Gary Arsden

    Lovely my new range. Sorry if I don’t reply to everyone on Twitter/Insta am just busy finding more friends so I can add there dates of birth onto the shoes. Much love and higher prices. Gary


    Can you get the spzl range at sportsdirect

  • Curt Almond

    Being a Blackburn lad and hearing all about the acid scene in the 80’s from older family members, this range brings back a glimpse of the fashion from that time, thoroughly support what the spezial team do on any release but this one is special

  • PJ

    Yet another uninspiring and overpriced SPZL release, disappointing.

  • Carl


  • Carl


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