Oi Polloi

Staff Sale Selections

Published: Fri Jan 07 2022

With our winter sale bonanza in full effect, we pecked the heads of the most photogenic members of the Oi Polloi goon squad to see the garb they’ve got their beady eyes on.

First up, mystery man Seb opted for not one, but two Stone Island down jackets. His reasoning? “I’m a glutton”. You can’t help but respect the honesty.

Young buck Ali was drawn to this zestily-hued Mystery Ranch backpack. “Not only can I store all of my school books in here, the colour reminds me of the blue Powerade – my favourite lunch time elixir”.

Merchandising master Ramisa went for the shaggy stylings of this Anonymous Ism cardigan. “Back in the early 2000s, I spent a summer as a roadie for crust-punk band Spiritual Annihilation’s North America tour. The pattern on this cardigan reminds me of that happy time”. The more you know eh?

Overworked Patrick collapsed on the floor of our studio, so we threw a bunch of Oi Polloi scarves on him. “Please… help… me” he croaked weakly.

Adam, the headless photographer, chose these Birkenstock Kyoto sandals. “After losing my head in an unfortunate breadmaker mishap, my other senses sharpened drastically. I can’t see them, but thanks to the power of touch, I know these are mega”. Very impressive.

Biscuit-snaffler Joe fell under the spell of this toasty Battenwear fleece cardigan. Go on Joe, tell the people what you think of it – “mphhhhforsmmm” he said with a mouth full of biscuit.

Anna, the commodore of customer service, was drawn to this Gramicci corduroy trucker jacket. “I’m a die-hard model Eddie Stobart collector, so this is right up my street”.

Resident pyromaniac Dylan picked out this flame-resistant Snow Peak parka. “Finally, a coat that’ll sufficiently protect me when I’m out burning down libraries”. He’s since been imprisoned after making this statement.

Trainee matador Harry settled on this Norse Projects padded shirt. “Most people think red is the colour that ticks off bulls the most, but it’s actually this greeny-grey shade that really gets their blood boiling. DO NOT wear this colour around bulls” he warned.

And finally, corduroy kid Jack was in awe of this Arpenteur cord work jacket. When pressed for comment, Jack responded thusly: "the quintessential shade of brown".

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