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The Blog from Oi Polloi presents:

We’ve made some sweatshirts with Detroit workwear supremos Carhartt.

To be honest, it was Carhartt who actually made the sweatshirts — we just got them to put some technicolor lettering on the front.

Either way, they look pretty stupendous.

These beauties go online at 18:00 on Thursday the 23rd of August (BST), but until then, here are a few photos…


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The people say...

  • Iestyn Willis

    Please may you restock this beautiful piece?

  • louis snape

    Will this be restock as I’d love you take my money and for this item to mine.

    Much love

  • All A Bit Brash As STEVE would Say Let People Were What They Want


  • Pete R

    Any left instore chaps.



  • Ethan W

    Will these be restocked?

  • Ramon Delacy

    Beware the friendly stranger

  • Jack Young

    Are these going to be available in store too?


  • Arbo Panninaro

    Reminds me of the early 90s Juice sweaters.Love them

  • Richard

    These look unreal, a must cop!

  • Matt

    Need Want , Amazing Retro Piece !!!!

  • Michael Jenkinson

    They remind of an old Naf Naf sweatshirt I bought around 1989 from Hurleys….old school

  • KRinkleCutChip


  • Mark Brown

    Looks like an old 80’s Benetton sweat

  • Mark Davies

    Loving these! Very cool !!

  • Charlie McKay

    Estimate on price? These are amazing!!

  • Andy T

    Too mint :)

  • Kieron Roberts

    Some great pieces on this website and this just add to the list! Would love to have one

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