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Pictures of People Wearing Tracksuits

Published: Fri Mar 31 2017

Like a lot of things we sell, the humble tracksuit started out with a very defined purpose. Originally designed as a ‘warm-up suit’, the first tracksuits were meant to keep athletes on the side-lines nice and toasty before running dead fast, jumping dead high and throwing fancy spears dead far.  

Due to their lightweight fabric and relaxed fit, they were also pretty comfortable, and it wasn’t long before normal people (and mafia affiliates) clocked on that they were good to lounge about in.

These days the doors of possibility have been thrown wide open, and like the sweatshirt or the polo shirt before it, the tracksuit has seeped majestically into everyday life.

With that in mind, here’s some pictures of people wearing them... 

And that's your lot. An honourable mention goes to that SPX tracksuit that Paddy Considine wears in A Room For Romeo Brass. Couldn't find a decent photo of that one. 

If you're after a slice of sophisticated sportswear, maybe look at that adidas Spezial, Manastash or Battenwear