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Pica~Picks: Serious Jackets

Published: Fri Nov 30 2018

You’ve been counting down the days, eyes fixed on the weather forecast, waiting for the mercury to drop, and now, finally, your time has come — big coat season is well and truly here. 

Here are some serious jackets to help you breeze through the freeze with effortless ease. 

The Y.M.C. Brainticket Jacket

Y.M.C. have been making these sheepskin jackets for a while now, and when it comes to living in the lavish lap of luscious luxury, these things are straight-up wearable caviar. And not only do they feel dead classy – but because of the way real-deal sheepskin is (leathery on the outside, fluffy on the inside), they’re particular snug. 

We generally try and avoid using the word ‘cosy’, but there’s not many other words out there in the world (or the dictionary) to describe just how comfortable these things are. 

The Norse Projects Oi Polloi Ystad Jacket

We’re probably a bit biased seeing as we helped design them and all that, but these Norse Projects sailing jackets are pretty smart aren’t they? 

Inspired by the crisp nylon jackets made by a certain Manchester-based yachting brand in the late 80s – but sharpened up a bit for the modern age, this quilted beauty is just the thing to brighten up a grey winter day in the North West of England (or anyone else prone to naff weather, for that matter). 

The Stone Island Down Parka

There’s a lot more to Stone Island than that much-fawned-over compass patch. Just look at this absolute howitzer – it’s massive, it’s dead warm and it’s made from some super-fancy, lightweight wonder-fabric known as ‘Pertex Quantum’. 

This stuff makes this sizable parka a fair bit more manoeuvrable than you’d think it would be – and means this thing will keep you toasty without weighing you down. That shiny, ‘fly’s eye’ blue hue is pretty special too.

If there are ticket touts on the Mir Space Station, this is presumably what they wear. 

The Patagonia Hi-Loft Down Hoodie

It probably goes without saying that Patagonia make some very potent winter jackets – and this here down hoody thing is no exception. Definitely a bit more substantial than the average ‘hoody’, this thing is bob-on for brisk canal-side dog walks and impromptu snow-ball assaults. 

Poultry fans will also be interested to hear that this is made using 100% recycled down, which is harvested from things like cushions and bedding. Pretty clever eh?

The Arpenteur Mevi Jacket

And then there’s this dignified specimen from Arpenteur. Made from chunky Melton wool with a big, removable hood, it’s sort of like the arrogant French cousin of the classic Duffle coat.

Definite Parisian philosophy professor vibes here – just pair with some chunky cords and a stick of that really tough, pretty much inedible, bread and you’re all set.

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