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Pica~Picks: Sandals

Published: Fri Jun 16 2017

Seeing as we're currently in the midst of some uncharacteristically decent weather, we thought now was a good time to run through some sandals that we rate.

And before you say anything about the socks and sandals thing… yep, we know it looks ace.

Up first… the humble Birkenstock Arizona. In the same way the Lacoste polo is often seen as THE polo shirt, the Birkenstock is seen by many as the definitive sandal. And rightly so — they’ve been made for years, they look ace and they’re dead comfortable.

These ones are the pond-friendly plastic versions, but if you’re after something a bit more substantial, then it’s statistically impossible to go wrong with the el classico leather and cork ones.

Next we’ve got these beauties from Malibu. These are the laid back, Californian cousins of the Birkenstock, and have a real ‘spiritual wanderer weaving baskets for small change on the pavement of Haight Street as the strong smell of African woodbine wafts past circa 1968’ flavour.

It’s also worth knowing that these are made from some really fancy vegan-friendly fake leather stuff. ‘Fake’ isn’t usually a selling point, but this stuff is tastier than the real thing… sort of like how halloumi is superior to chicken.

Here’s something for the sports-fans. The Teva sandal was originally designed for white-water rafting types back in the 80s, and comes complete with high-action ankle straps so they don’t fly off when you’re plummeting down a waterfall with Kevin Bacon and Meryl Streep.

By some twist of fate, these are also pretty good on dry land and may be worn by people who don’t own dinghies.

And now - the ultimate in stripe-based pool-side sophistication… the adidas Adilette. According to footwear folklore, these were made for the German football team back in the 60s after they demanded something to wear on their feet whilst larking around in changing rooms.

As always, adidas did a bloody good job and these quickly outgrew their original purpose.

And just when you thought it life couldn’t get any better — feast your feet on these beauties. Luxury… indulgence… towel. You’re not a tennis-playing, caviar-snorting playboy living it up on a super-yacht the size of a small country, but when you’re wearing these things, you’ll certainly feel like one.

There you have it. Hopefully this has been of some use in your quest to find summertime footwear, and we apologise wholeheartedly if it hasn't. 

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