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Pica~Picks: Down Jackets

Published: Wed Dec 08 2021

Reclusive, Deliveroo-addicted perverts will no doubt be delighted by the biblical downturn in the weather, but for normal people who actually enjoy going out and doing things every once in a while, it’s a real spanner in the works.
So, for those of you unwilling to surrender to the tyranny of ‘the duvet day’, you’re going to need to invest in a big ol’ down jacket that’ll see you through these perilous months with ease.
Here’s a gaggle of suitable candidates…

First up on the docket is a real Oi Polloi stalwart – the Hi Loft Down Hoody from Patagonia.
Not only has this been stuffed to the goddamn gizzards with recycled down, it’s also had a good dousing in that DWR (durable water-repellent) stuff, which means next time your early morning dog walk takes a turn for the moist, those droplets should slide right off.


You might not fancy a jacket that looks like the kind-of thing that might pop up in the background of a Leo Dickinson film. Perhaps you’re after the sort-of jacket a minted Italian playboy might wear while cutting about a snow-dusted Milan, making dodgy business deals and breaking the hearts of a many a young lovely.
If that’s the case, feast your face on this Hooded Down Jacket from Stone Island.
The zip is chunky, the fabric has a real intriguing satin-y sheen about it, and the deployment of pockets is progressive – classic Stone Island antics.

Up next we’ve got this Alpine Down Jacket from acronym argonauts Ten c.
Design-wise, this is a bit more subliminally minimal than some of the jackets on this list, but don’t get it twisted – this beaut is packing some serious heat. After all, Ten c’s whole MO is utilising quality fabrics and materials to craft garb intended to last a lifetime.
That’s right – with a bit of love and care, this will mould to your body and age gracefully alongside you, meaning it’s highly-likely this’ll be the jacket you’re wearing the day your ungrateful family finally carts you off to a nursing home. Nice.

Tip-top Americana has consistently rolled off the Beams Plus production line for years now, so it should come as no surprise their rendition of the humble 50s flight jacket is a wearable howitzer of the highest order.
With that shearling collar, short ‘n’ sharp fit and those big, square pockets, this is particularly handy not only during impromptu F-102 Delta Dagger flight training sessions, but for relaxed, civilian pursuits as well… like watching impromptu F-102 Delta Dagger flight training sessions from the safety of a grassy knoll.

New kids on the block FrizmWORKS have well and truly smashed it this year. They’ve stunned the pundits with their liner jackets, they’ve converted the non-believers with their rugby shirts, but we’d be fibbing if we said this dope down doozy isn’t the cream of the proverbial crop.
Hoiking design inspo from the Eddie Bauer jacket of the same name, there’s cunning details aplenty, like the deployment of drawcords in all the optimum areas, and that classic military green hue deserves a fair few salutes too.

And finally… this. One of humanity’s finest achievements: the Holubar Deer Hunter Jacket.
This has been a firm fixture on the Oi Polloi coat rail for aeons now, and we can’t envisage a world where it isn’t. And as we’ve said countless times, this is indeed the jacket Robert DeNiro wears in The Deer Hunter, but it’s so much more than film memorabilia – it’s a zestily-hued wonder-garment that should be lauded, cherished and perhaps even worn for years to come.

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