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Pica~Picks: Canvas Pumps

Published: Fri Mar 31 2017

We’ve been monitoring our barometers and weather balloons for the last few days  and if our calculations are correct, then it’s maybe just about time to start wearing canvas pumps again.

Alright, there’s probably still a fair few downpours on the way, but you shouldn’t be needing full-on, Everest-style hiking boots for a while (unless you’re actually hiking up Everest, of course).

So with summer slowly approaching, here are some of our favourite pumps of the canvas variety...

First up we’ve got the Vans Authentic (or Style 44, as they’re known to number fans). These were amongst some of the first shoes Vans made, back in 1966, and although they look fairly stripped-back, that thick rubber sole makes them nice and stout.

These ‘Anaheim Factory’ ones here are a bit more swankier than your run of the mill Authentics, and have such exiting features as cushioned insoles and higher ‘foxing’ (that’s the rubber bit where the sole meets the upper). Good colours too. 

Up next is an absolute, quintessential, bona-fi-dee Oi Polloi champion — the Spring Court G2.

We’ve sold these for years, and although they don’t have that mysterious minty scent anymore, they’re still everything you could ever want in a canvas-based shoe.

If they’re good enough for David Hockney…

And now we’ve got the Converse Chuck Taylor. These ones here are the 1970s versions that Converse released a few years back. If you’ve never worn these before, you’re feet are in for a real treat.

They’re a lot more substantial than the normal Chuck Taylors, and although they’ve still got that el classico shape, are a bit more forgiving on the ol’ trotters. 

Next up, the Novesta Star Master. In the last year or so these things have gone from relative obscurity to become the canvas shoe on everyone’s lips (or feet, to be more precise).

They’re made in Slovakia, they’ve got a little hiking man on the sole and they look a little bit like they were designed by a five year old  in a world of high-tech, laser-cut jiggery-pokery, that’s definitely a good thing. These things are ace. The high tops are pretty decent too. 

And finally... how about these beauties? These are made as part of something Converse like to call the ‘Counter Climate Collection’, and have been designed to offer the ultimate in wet weather protection. Okay, they’re not actually waterproof, but if you’re the sort of person who insists on wearing canvas shoes to the swimming baths, then these are your best bet.

And that rounds off this informative voyage into the world of canvas footwear. Hopefully it’s been of some use to you. Thanks for reading.

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