Oi Polloi

Four Week Forecast: November

Published: Fri Nov 09 2018

Here’s another bite-size run-down of what’s flying towards us this month. We’re fully aware that we’re already pretty much halfway through November – but bonfire toffee doesnt chew itself. 

At the top, Japan’s Beams Plus have once again scoured the globe to bring you their trademark blend of time-honoured classics and casual curveballs. We’re not going to bore you with a full blow-by-blow report on all this stuff, but we will say that they may have crafted the chunkiest hoody ever made. There’s some definite ‘David Hockney goes to Wigan’ flavour to those wool rugby shirts too.

Any fans of real deal outdoor accoutrements should be familiar with Paramo, but for those unacquainted – this lot make serious jackets with the less-than-ideal British weather in mind. Expect lots of mad details, some nifty waterproof fabrics and not one, but two of the greatest logos ever to grace an anorak.

Then there’s this sweatshirt from Lacoste. Not loads to say about this thing – but what exactly do we need to say? Yeah, it’s just a sweatshirt – and we know it won’t change the world – but you’ve got to admit that those fancy letters look pretty special.

And for those with frosty gullets… we’ve made some rather fine throat-toasters that should be touching down very soon. Not the most amazing photo here, but we’ll let you use your imagination with this one. Think of a scarf, made out of wool, with this label on — not bad eh?