Oi Polloi

Four Week Forecast: May

Published: Fri Apr 27 2018

Like a large polystyrene boulder chasing an intrepid snake-hating archaeologist down a rocky chute, time continues to roll on at an alarming rate. April is nearly up—and the majestic month of May is hot on its heels. Here’s what’s on the way…

The good lord Ralph Lauren continues to weave wonders and melt minds. This new stuff is presumably what the Lo Lifes would wear if they were sailing a catamaran down the River Irwell. Bright colours… chunky stripes… massive yachts thrashing through the ocean… Captain Ralph, we salute you!

Meanwhile… on a distant island, the good folk at Patagonia have been working diligently on these totally tropical, Lilt-hinted Pataloha Hawaiian shirts. If Tony Montana was a pet detective…

And then there’s these hemp-infused wonder-tees from Jungmaven. We’ve stocked these beauties for a few years now, and for that laid-back, sun-soaked California Raisin flavour, these are just the ticket.

No offence to our photographer, but these are the sort of things that pictures can’t really do justice… get your mitts on these softies and you’ll know what we’re on about.

Finally, in ‘headwear news’, these Poten caps are just the thing for those who crave a baseball cap with a touch more clout than those low-profile, unstructured numbers that are currently adorning everyone’s cranium.  And for those who like to brag about such things… yep, they were made in Japan.

Reckon we should also have some new Tender shirts online soon too, along with yet more Norse Projects gear. Keep those peepers peeled.