Oi Polloi

Four Week Forecast: March

Published: Fri Mar 02 2018

If anyone out there is sat wistfully pondering what that shop called Oi Polloi has got in store for the month of March, then they are most certainly in luck… here’s a handy little run-down of what’s afoot in the next few weeks.

Starting things off in a small, imaginary French village — it’s Arpenteur. Nothing too out of character from this lot, but when you trade in impeccably well-made workwear and seriously stripey tees, why bother chasing waterfalls?

That new adidas Spezial stuff has been sighted on the horizon – AND IT’S ADVANCING FAST! We’re under strict instructions not to talk about any of this yet, so until that super-injunction has been lifted, here’s a photo of the main-man Franz Beckenbauer.

We’ve also been working with Superga on resurrecting a long-lost military gem from their archives. Classic Italiano spag-bol flavour, with the added… er… robustity (if that’s a real word?) of a toecap.

Think these should be rocking up circa mid-March. Again, no photos just yet, so here's a photo of an Italian rally car skidding through some dust.

Next up  Gramicci. Anyone into high-action outdoor legwear should be familiar with this lot. Sort of like a slightly-more zooted Patagonia. Good for scrambling around on rocky outcrops and that sort of thing.

On a similar tip, we’ve got this from Manastash…

And finally, how about this courtesy of orSlow. The future is bright, the future is pink…