Oi Polloi

Four Week Forecast: February

Published: Wed Jan 29 2020

Rejoice! Silly season is over, and summer schmutter is coming at us thick and fast. Here’s a rundown of what potentially life-changing garments will land during February.

First up, Astorflex. We’ve stocked their shoes for donkey’s years now, and every time we get a delivery of boots from the Boot, we’re reminded why. Luxurious suede… flavoursome crepe soles… laces… the smell of slow-cooked ragu… grab a novelty-sized spoon and tuck in.

Astorflex aren’t the only Oi Polloi stalwarts hitting the proverbial rails this February – Folk is touching down too.
Expect stripey t-shirts, crisp shirts, functional jackets, a smattering of cord and some particularly progressive headwear.

In trainer news, we’ve finally managed to get our grubby mitts on those dangerously-slick New Balance 992 trabs.
Famously championed by Apple head-honcho Steve Jobs, these have a certain ‘wizened New York City native eating a bagel outside a bodega’ vibe to ‘em that we can’t just can’t get enough of.

Japanese workwear wizards orSlow are back with another crop of finely-tuned, well-thought-out wares.
You should know the score here by now, so we won’t rattle on.

STORY mfg. is a new one to the Oi Polloi stable.
By adhering to a stringent, Earth-friendly manifesto, STORY mfg. are committed to making vegan and cruelty-free wares that aren’t only costly to Mother Nature, they’re actively beneficial to the leafy lady as well.
But don’t worry – this isn’t the kind-of gear your cousin would come back wearing after a gap year in Thailand: it’s very, very, very naughty tackle indeed.
Just look at that mind-melting corduroy popover for further proof.