Oi Polloi

Four Week Forecast: August

Published: Fri Aug 09 2019

It feels like it’s been a while since we did one of these forecast articles, but with our Autumn stuff finally starting to show its face, now seems like a good time to grab the WD40, get the cogs turning and get going… here’s a small taste of what we’ve got coming this month.

At the top we’ve got some shirts from Schnayderman’s. Competing with their fellow Swedes Our Legacy in the fancy shirt stakes, this lot have really pushed the boat out when it comes to swanky fabrics this time around.

We don’t want to sound biased just because it’s an Oi Polloi exclusive that we specifically begged for, but we’re particularly fond of that ultra-luscious moleskin number. Subtle pale green hue, suede-esque fabric… and before anyone asks, no small short-sighted mammals were harmed in the making of this shirt.

On the slightly strange subject of dangerously luxurious green shirts, we’ve also got a true jumbo-cord beauty on the way from the good folks at Levi’s. Mr Moretti would be proud.

Other Levi’s delights include a washed-out Trucker Jacket and a full spread of 511 cords.

We've also got the timely return of a real Oi Polloi favourite - the Anderson's belt. Obviously it's hard to get too excited about a fairly simple, inanimate object like a belt, but as far as belts go, these are good.

We've stocked these doozies for years now, and for a tried-and-tested way to keep your trousers up, they're still hard to beat.

Oh yeah, and for those who didn’t see it already… our first delivery of Universal Works stuff just landed.