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Trading since '66, if there’s a brand you can trust to keep your trousers firmly hoiked, it’s Anderson’s.

Made in Parma, of Parma ham fame, Anderson’s take their not-very-Italian sounding name from the founder Carlo Valenti’s love of English tailoring — in particular, the Saville Row maestros, Anderson and Sheppard. Crafted by what Anderson’s like to refer to as ‘Parma leather artisans’, the amount of blood, sweat and premium leather that goes in to these gems is nothing short of jaw dropping (but importantly not trouser dropping). 

Oi Polloi have stocked Anderson's since the early days, and we’re yet to find a selection of belts as good for the money. Whether you’re after something simple and subtle, or a multi-coloured show-stopper, an Anderson’s belt is the perfect addition to any deck-out.