Oi Polloi

Four Week Forecast: April

Published: Fri Apr 07 2017

Keeping it fairly brief this time, here’s what’s happening in April.

That stuff we made with Universal Works (that we’ve mentioned in the last two of these) is very nearly here.

We took two of their classic designs (the Baker’s Overshirt and the Aston Pants) and added some subtle new details to them. Nothing too mental, but the best stuff in life rarely is.

Read more about it here.

We’ve got some shoes on the way from a company called Nature (the ones in the picture are slightly different to the ones we’re getting, but they still give you a rough flavour).

Imagine if a Jacoform and a Clarks Wallabee shacked up in Hebden Bridge and you’re on the right track with these.

Moving on, some ultra-summery t-shirts from Jungmaven are heading our way. Not only do these look dead good, but they’re made of hemp for some much-needed earth credits… and they look dead good.

In printed news, the new issue of Proper Magazine should be landing up fairly soon... and we’ve got some copies of the new edition of that Ideas by Massimo Osti book.

And talking of Massimo Osti... WE’RE CURRENTLY WORKING ON ISSUE 12 OF PICA~POST.

Can’t give away too much yet, but here’s a tantalising taster from the steady hand of Ben Lamb…

There’s probably loads more that we’ve forgotten too. Be sure to sign up to our slightly informative newsletters to stay in the loop.