Oi Polloi

Deck~Out~And~About: The Fjallraven Flatpack Extravaganza

Published: Thu Oct 20 2016

When we first had the idea to go out and take pictures of that ultra-serious Fjällräven Numbers stuff, we thought about booking flights out to Sweden for a real high-brow, authentic photoshoot that showed the clothes in their natural habitat.

We then realised that a trip out to Scandinavia might be a touch on the expensive side; so we opted for the next best thing… IKEA in Ashton.

Here’s what we got up to…

Photos by Mike Sallabank.

Thank you to Brother Models.

For this IKEA trip, Ladi was wearing the Fjällräven Numbers Down Shirt, a Schnayderman’s Leisure Denim One Shirt, a Champion tee, Fjällräven Numbers Trousers and a Fjällräven Singi hat on his head. On his feet he wore a pair of Padmore & Barnes.

Samuel wore a Fjällräven Numbers Anorak, the Great Sweat from Our Legacy and some Sarm Track Pants from A Kind Of Guise. He had Novesta on his feet with a Kånken on his back.

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