*** And Wander - ultra-futuristic outdoor gear from Japan ***

The Blog from Oi Polloi presents:

The Birkenstock sandal is a true Oi Polloi favourite. We’ve sold them for years now, and when it comes to summer-time strollers, they can’t really be beat. Not only are they dead comfortable, but despite what some naysayers might think, they look ace with a pair of socks.

Here’s some photos of people wearing them whilst wandering around some of Greater Manchester’s finest supermarkets.

Thanks to Village Greens, Manchester Superstore and Venus Supermarket for the hospitality.

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  • Lee

    Thanks Sam, I agree with Craig Will Henry & Kirk! Can’t wait for the newsletter on Tuesday.

  • Sam - OP

    To everyone asking about the clothes – more news on that stuff soon. Keep an eye out on our newsletter on Tuesday. Cheers – Sam.

  • Kirk

    Are all these clothes available in store, some top travel pieces here?

  • henry

    Those shorts are so nice, what brand are they?

  • Will

    What are the trousers the guy with the blue jacket is wearing?

  • Craig

    What make is the light blue jacket Richard is wearing please.

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