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Earlier this week we headed down to Chinatown to have a bit of a wander about. We could probably write more about our little jaunt here, but as they say, a picture speaks a thousand words, so without further spiel — here are some pictures...

Richard (the lad with the long hair) is wearing the Manastash Flex Trip Parka, the National Athletic Single V Warm-Up Sweat, the Beams Plus Gym Pants, a Champion tee, a pair of Reebok Exofit Lo-Clean trainers, an Adsum cap, some Garrett Leight sunglasses and a pair of Anonymous Ism socks that can’t see.

Mike is wearing the Adsum Spinner Jacket, a National Athletic ¼ Zip Sweat, a Norse Projects Esben Blind Stitch Tee, some Presidents Travel Trousers, Garrett Leight sunglasses, a pair of Novesta Star Master pumps and some Anonymous Ism socks.

Photos by Adam Hindmarch, styling by Liam Daly and Steve Sanderson.

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  • Barry Davies

    Do you let your staff keep the clothes after these shoots or do they go on the shelves in store?

  • VOighty mAncalad

    anyone else get the feeling the ‘artistic director’ on this shoot was going for a midnight cowboy update?

  • Morgan

    Where was Jack Burton?

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