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The Blog from Oi Polloi presents:

It has come to our attention that pretty much 90% of these photoshoot things we do are done around Greater Manchester region. This makes a bit of sense, seeing as our headquarters are up here, but even still, it’s nice to change things up every now and again.

As some of you may know, we've also got a shop in London, so it only seems right to make a trip down the gold paved streets every now and again. So here you go — some photos from a day wandering around in Soho.

Richard is wearing clothes from... Norse Projects, FolkReebok, Patagonia and Wigwam

Davi is wearing clothes from... Margaret Howell, Norse Projects, A Kind Of Guise, Engineered Garments, Patagonia, Reebok and Wigwam

Photos by Glenn Kitson. Styling by Liam Daly, Steve Sanderson and Glenn. 

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The people say...

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  • Didier Malherbe

    The guy on the right of the first shot is performing a variant of a sleaze classic move that I’ve become slightly obsessed with over the last 20 something years. The KTOA or Kinky Tap on Arse. When performed in a public arena it’s a statement that says “Yeah, I’m bang in’ this”. Dirty.

  • Stuart Mawson

    A Doner in an off white cord windcheater…brave!

  • Neil

    Fanny pack is American for bum bag though I prefer the French term ‘sac banane’.

  • Ball Jeans

    What is the obsession with copying the Russian mob from Euro 2016 and sporting a bum bag (aka fanny pack) in every image nowadays? Worn around your shoulder, or your waist, or hanging from your bell end, it’s still a fanny pack. The clue is in the name. Carry on.

  • Cocknee Geezer

    Tell you what, stop farting about in kebab shops and tell us what the lad on the right of the escalator is wearing

  • the Fonz

    dunt look right with short hair

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