Oi Polloi

2017 in Pictures

Published: Thu Dec 21 2017

Every year it's the same — December rolls around and we’re left scratching our heads, wondering where the time went and if we actually did anything over the last twelve months.

To jog our memories, here’s some photos scoured from various hard-drives around our head-quarters.

Now’s also probably a good time for us to say thanks for everything over the last year. Whether you bought some clothes from us, lurked on our website or just came into one of our shops to ask for the directions to Burger King, we thank you wholeheartedly for showing even the slightest bit of interest in what we do. 

And now… those pictures.

We started things off by wandering around Paris in search of interesting bits to sell. As you can see by those jackets, it was pretty cold.

Meanwhile, in England, it rained quite a bit. 

There was smiles aplenty down in Soho. 

Somewhere between all the clothes stuff, we managed to make two issues of our Pica~Post magazine. We recommend reading them upside-down for maximum effect. 

Not really too sure what's going on in this photograph. Costco is a wonderful place.

In April we worked with Universal Works on making some high-action utility-suits. We also met Robin Hood. Lovely chap. 

The 25th of May marked our fifteenth orbit of the sun. To celebrate, we stood in the middle of the road whilst holding small cans of lager. 

In June, Josh and Adam decided to run 60 miles across the Yorkshire countryside. They're still not quite sure why. 

Our new art installation 'Lazy Dog Lazing' took the world by storm. 

Think this photo speaks for itself. This place was very luxurious. 

It was great to collaborate with the local butchers on a line of Gore-Tex aprons. Cheers for the tripe lads! 

In October, we were visited by adidas Spezial mastermind Gary Aspden down at our Soho shop. Unsurprisingly, him and Nigel talked about trainers. 

Oi Polloi head honcho Claude got himself a new backpack.

Talking of Claude, he also worked with Arpenteur on some super-classy wool jackets, and got 'comic-ized' in the process. He's since written off that Peugeot.  

And finally, we ate quite a bit. If music be the food of love, what does that make food?