Oi Polloi

2016 in Pictures

Published: Fri Dec 23 2016

With 2016 finally winding down, now seemed like a good time to look back over the last twelve months and try to remember what we did.

So without any further nonsense, here’s what we got up to this year… 

We churned out not one, not five, but two issues of our Pica~Post magazine thing, covering such important subjects as space AND time. What'll the next one be? Nature? Humanity? Vitality? Who knows... there's a good chance it'll have plenty of daft stuff in it though.  

Kabana across the road still reigns supreme when it comes to spiced delights. Oi Polloi X Kabana collaboration in the works for SS17? 

James took time out of his hectic schedule to crouch in a small square drawn on the ground. Yep, it was an eventful year.

Steve finally crumbled and caught up with technology.

We went to the seaside to take photographs of fancy golf jackets. We also learnt loads about the crazy world of crazy golf.

In April we worked with Rains to make some rubber coach jackets. It may not look like it in the photo above, but some people really liked them.

The staff down in Soho celebrated the shop's first birthday by taking it in turns to lift a large cardboard pipe. 

They were also big fans of those high tech cardboard backpacks we made. What is it with Londoners and cardboard?

The inevitable tide of life meant that whilst a few people left us, more than a few also joined us. Fans of tea have never had it so good.

Talking of fresh faces, it's been great having this happy chap around. 

... and this happy chap. Although it has been noted that he hardly does any work. More effort needed.

In May we went to some racetrack down south to crouch next to Japanese cars whilst wearing Japanese clothes. Clever eh?

It was great working with Hollyoaks star Will Mellor. 

William from Tender taught us about fancy dying techniques. Most of it went over Karl Pilkington's head. 

It was a real pleasure getting to test out the new adidas bowling alley over in Stockport. These guys aren't one of the biggest sportswear companies in the world for nothing! 

Cheese on toast looks different in New York.

Nigel's new sweatshirt company has gone from strength to strength.  

No caption needed.

Some of us tried to learn how to fly fish. None of us caught anything, but luckily there was a Co-Op nearby, so at least we didn't go hungry. 

Nigel finally met someone who was more into brown shoes than himself... the great man himself, Lance Clark.

After plain sailing as the only dog at Oi Polloi for a fair few years, that strange Boglin-esque creature called Claude has had tough competition in 2017...

Firstly, Prudence came along to help with deliveries. 

And then Paul turned up down in Soho to help with modelling Slovakian tennis shoes. Unless Claude works out how to wear trousers, he's going to have his work cut out next year...

Steve was barred from a fancy London restaurant for defacing their weird menus. He refused to comment. 

We hung around in Ikea wearing Fjällräven stuff. Look out for our next photoshoot at Topps Tiles...

No caption needed.

In July we went over to San Francisco to make some jeans with Levi's. Steve also donated some of his old ones to their archives...

We then did a photoshoot in a nightclub with those Levi's jeans. We also met an android. Technology really is impressive these days.

We also did some shoes with Padmore and Barnes and YMC. After hours of scrutinising, Steve can finally confirm that these are definitely shoes and NOT small canoes. 

Loads of people braved the cold to get their hands (or feet) on those Manchester Marine trainers. Serious trainer fans, we salute your dedication.

Our new henchman really enjoyed the Christmas party. 

And that's about it. Thanks for reading, thanks for lurking on our website, thanks for popping round to our shops, thanks for buying stuff from us... basically, thanks for everything. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from everyone at Oi Polloi.