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Interview: Daiki Suzuki and The Garment District Journal

Published: Fri Apr 17 2015

As if they weren’t busy enough, what with making those fancy jackets and all that, Engineered Garments have just launched the first issue of their new magazine. It’s called The Garment District Journal, it’s printed on real paper and it’s full of classy photos and wise words. Instead of trying to describe it ourselves, I fired big dog Daiki Suzuki a few quick questions about the magazine and the printed world in general…

First things first, what’ve you been up to today?

At the moment SS16 and getting back to NY time, I just got back from Japan.

I suppose the main thing I wanted to talk about was your new magazine, The Garment District Journal. What was the reason for starting this?

To create a new way of communicating with our audience and create a dialogue with all our random friends and various interests.

What is The Garment District Journal?

A journal investigating all the various and brilliant people around us.

What’s in issue 1?

Articles on art, people with curious ways of looking at the world and collectors. 

After years of people thinking the printed word was heading for the grave, magazines seem to be making a bit of a resurgence. Why do you think this is?

There is something innately real and genuine with communication put on paper. You can touch it and store it in a way that is not artificial like the internet.

What makes a good magazine?

Good communication and sometimes really good content, depending on the first.

Are magazines still important?

I would say so, just as with producing something — the end result and how it’s delivered is really important.

What’s your favourite magazine at the moment? And what’s your favourite magazine of all time?

Gentry for both.

When’s the next one coming out?

The next GDJ will be out in July.

What else is going on at Engineered Garments right now?

Wrapping up SS15, starting FW15 production and starting SS16. 

You lot are from New York. Can you recommend us any things worth doing over there?

It depends on what your interests are, I would say see as much as possible.

I’m running out of questions here. Have you seen any good films lately? Do you know any good jokes?

Seymour: An Introduction. As far as jokes, “Call the central office?”, but it’s too complicated to tell...

I think that’s it. Have you got any wise words you’d like to add?

Everything happens for a reason.

Get a copy of The Garment District Journal here

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Illustration by Rosie Toole