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Yogi Lennon Suede (Tan)


Lennon Suede Tan

£150.00 £125.00

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  • Suede uppers
  • ‘Negative Heel’
  • Leather laces
  • Made in Portugal
  • Oi Polloi exclusive

These sumptuous shaggy-suede wonderworks are the Lennon Suede shoes from Yogi. Now, there’s plenty to fawn over here, but what we’re really interested in is their heels. The astute in the audience will have noticed from the photos that the heel is slightly lower than the rest of the shoe. That’s because it’s made using a ‘Negative Heel’ (a Yogi speciality) shaping process apparently meant to help improve posture and provide plenty of back support. And not only do they feel amazing, they look pretty damn tasty as well.

  • Yogi Lennon Suede (Tan)
  • Yogi Lennon Suede (Tan)
  • Yogi Lennon Suede (Tan)