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Tender Rib Calf Socks (Indian Black Dye Wool)


Rib Calf Socks Indian Black Dye Wool

£25.00 £20.83

  • 100% wool
  • Garment dyed
  • Made in England
  • Regular fit

‘Forward-thinking’ isn’t usually the first compound adjective to jump into your cranium when talking about socks, but just wait until you get an eyeful of these Rib Calf Socks from Tender. The amount of craft and hard-work that’s gone into making these beauties deserves reams of waffle written about it alone; made in England out of some really substantial wool, these have undergone a hand-linking process, an incredibly time-consuming and arduous ordeal, in which each stitch of the two sides of the sock are woven together, leaving the socks seamless and comfortable. On top of that, they’ve been dyed with some eye-watering substance called Indian black. Very classy stuff. If appreciate craftsmanship, hard-wearing fabrics, and sleek socks, you’re browsing the right webpage.

  • Tender Rib Calf Socks (Indian Black Dye Wool)