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Séfr Suneham Shirt (Green)


Suneham Shirt Green

£139.00 £115.83

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  • 60% viscose, 40% virgin wool
  • Crepe fabric
  • Full button fastening
  • Straight hem
  • Regular fit

This Suneham Shirt from Séfr is quite the intriguing specimen. It’s one of those stripped-back short sleeve shirts that expertly balances classiness with relaxness (not sure if that’s a word, but you get the point), meaning it’s the sort-of thing that won’t look out of place during fancy meals out, but will still be suitable for more low-profile activities as well. It’s made from some fabric which Séfr calls “crepe”, and it’s very, very nice. Can’t promise it’ll taste like actual crepes though… or the sole of Clarks shoe for that matter.

  • Séfr Suneham Shirt (Green)
  • Séfr Suneham Shirt (Green)