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Reebok Beams Jacket (Poplar Green)


Beams Jacket Poplar Green

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  • 89% nylon, 11% spandex
  • Two way zip fastening
  • Internal zip guard
  • Velcro detachable chest pocket
  • Detachable pocket can be placed on either arm
  • Two lower front pockets
  • Ribbed cuffs and hem
  • Slightly small sizing – check the measurements

Bolton sportswear supremos Reebok have teamed up with Japanese style-harbingers to make this here bomber jacket called… Jacket. Hmm, could have put a bit more effort in chaps. Never mind, it is a very nice jacket. It’s a lightweight flight jacket type thing, with big pockets and a big zip. It’s also got some fairly progressive velcro patches. Velcro isn’t usually seen as progressive, but how many jackets have you seen that have a detachable pocket that may be mounted on any one of three possible velcro zones? Hours of fun.

  • Reebok Beams Jacket (Poplar Green)
  • Reebok Beams Jacket (Poplar Green)