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£35.00 £29.17 £17.00 £14.17
Kavu Synthetic Strapcap (Dream Blue)


Synthetic Strapcap Dream Blue

£35.00 £29.17 £17.00 £14.17

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  • 100% nylon
  • Webbing varies
  • Adjustable strap
  • Made in USA

You’re currently feasting your eyes on the hallowed Synthetic Strapcap from KAVU. The idea for the for the Strapcap came about during Barry’s summer holidays from college in the late 80’s. Annoyed by losing caps to the deep blue everytime he was out on his fishing vessel, Barry was keen to make a cap that would stay on his noggin’ even in the most violent of gales.
Taking design cues from Teva sandals, Barry came up with the ingenious idea of fitting a cap with some head-hugging webbing around the circumference, and thus, the hallowed Strapcap was born. Should be perfect for the next time you accidentally wander into a wind tunnel then?

  • Kavu Synthetic Strapcap (Dream Blue)

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