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Fujito Jungle Fatigue Jacket (White)


Jungle Fatigue Jacket White

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  • 100% cotton
  • ‘Ventile’ fabric
  • Water-resistant
  • Pop stud fastening
  • Two pop stud chest pockets
  • Two pop stud lower pockets with handwarmer compartments
  • Pop stud adjustable cuffs
  • Straight hem
  • Made in Japan
  • Regular fit

Fujito’s Jungle Fatigue Jacket is a proper sleek bit of kit. This is based on one of those classic military fatigue jackets of yore. That fabric is pretty special as well; it’s called ‘Ventile’ and despite being made from cotton, it’s extremely water resistant. The cotton yarns are knitted that tightly that the garm doesn’t need to be laminated with an outerlayer. This type of fabric was invented at The Shirley Institute in Didsbury and was originally produced for the English military, due to a flax shortage during the outbreak of World War 2. History lessons aside, this is the perfect jacket for perilous missions into the amazon rainforest… or the more tropical parts of Greater Manchester.

  • Fujito Jungle Fatigue Jacket (White)
  • Fujito Jungle Fatigue Jacket (White)