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Fjällräven Greenland Wax


Greenland Wax

£8.00 £6.67

  • An old prescription which is “friendly to the environment” and includes paraffin and beeswax
  • Enough for ten impregnations of a Greenland Jacket

Fjällräven Greenland Wax is a hard block of impregnation for Fjällräven’s G-1000 products and is used to maintain their water resistance.

Using Greenland wax is a pretty simple process that should be repeated at regular intervals. You can apply a thicker or thinner layer of wax depending on where you want to have more or less protection. The wax is easily applied with a source of heat, so irons and hairdryers at the ready.

Greenland Wax also works on Kånkens, as a seam sealer for tents and rucksacks and as a zip lubricator.

  • Fjällräven Greenland Wax

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