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A.P.C. Sweat Psy (Blanc)


Sweat Psy Blanc

£135.00 £112.50

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  • 100% cotton
  • Loopback fabric
  • Pierre-Marie designed logo
  • Ribbed neck, cuffs and hem
  • Regular fit

Here we’ve got the Sweat Psy from A.P.C. Now, while the extremely crisp loopback fabric does deserve reams written about it, our writer only has so much space to write these little blurb things, and you’ve (probably) got better things to do than reading us gibber about cotton. So, we’ll skip to nattering about what we’re all really tantalised by – that logo.
This doozy is as psychedelic as they come, and it sort of looks like a cross between a 70s Olympics poster and a Stereolab record cover. And for any art fans out there, this doozy was also designed by respected Parisian artist Pierre-Marie. Yep, this is a sweat for the ages.

  • A.P.C. Sweat Psy (Blanc)
  • A.P.C. Sweat Psy (Blanc)