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Anonymous Ism 3 Layer Crew Socks (Orange)

Anonymous Ism

3 Layer Crew Socks Orange

£32.00 £26.67

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  • Cotton/polyester blend fabric
  • Made in Japan

The 3 Layer Crew Socks are an ultra-substantial set of feet-warmers from the sock samurai at Anonymous Ism. Thanks to their massive thick fabric, these would be best categorised as hiking socks, but luckily for feet across the land, they’re not itchy, unlike most socks of this kind. That hue is quite the all-you-can-eat visual buffet as well – according to the textbooks, they achieved this magnificent colour by dying the socks in a vat of ice-cold Sunny D for 30 days*. Interesting, right? *This is not true.


  • Anonymous Ism 3 Layer Crew Socks (Orange)