Berghaus Ice Cap 78 Jacket

OP head-honcho Nigel has once again danced the collaborative tango with Berghaus to haul the hallowed Ice Cap 78 Jacket out of the archives and into the modern age. These things were originally designed for the slopes, but were soon introduced to the damp fields of the North West by loose-jawed party-fiends needing something good-looking and warm to wear while trudging to the next warehouse rave… no wonder it’s an Oi Polloi classic.

This time around, the colour wheel has been spun to the autumnal end of the spectrum, making proceedings a touch more grown up. In other words, these are ideal for anyone who’s swapped mandy for a mortgage.

The Berghaus Ice Cap 78 Jacket have now shuffled into town but feast your eyes on some shutter-action whilst you're browsing…

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