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Founded in 1995 by a footwear fanatic by the name of Yuki Matsuda, Yuketen make ridiculously high-quality shoes. That may sound like marketing nonsense, but if you get the chance to see these in the flesh, you’ll probably agree. Working with real-deal master craftsmen, their moccasins are made using traditional techniques and some mighty fine leather. This means that not only do they look pretty swish, but they’re a comfort sensation.

Contrary to popular belief, Yuketen don’t just make shoes for dancing with wolves in, they also make trainers… for training in. And as you can expect from Yuketen, these aren’t just any trainers. Made from the finest everything known to everyone, they’re probably a bit too nice to actually do any real running in. They’ve also got a distinct 70s drei-streifen look to them, which is never a bad thing.

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